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Go to your local Bitcoin meetup

Go to your local Bitcoin meetup. And if there isn’t one, start one.

Bitcoin has always been a social experiment, and the community brought together by Satoshi’s protocol is its strongest asset. Being a Bitcoiner means something different to every single network participant, but the common thread of big brains and bigger hearts remains across its many different disciples. A lot of the moving pieces behind our economic situation brought to light in the Orange Piling process can be overwhelming and left undiscussed could easily lead to doomer mindsets. I’ve found the best process for scourging hope is getting together with people that at least see the start of the scope of what’s going on, and how the utility of Bitcoin meets the moment. I’ve met people I genuinely look forward to catching up with, tossing around headlines and trying to spot the spooks. I found a community I really needed, and getting together with Bitcoiners always leaves me filled up and ready to fight for a better world. Create sanctuary for Satoshi’s game, and good people will come to pay homage. Bay Area Bitcoiners gives me optimism for the city, and for humans everywhere. There’s a lot to learn, a lot to teach, and playing your part in the ecosystem can have profound effects on your community and your world. Look forward to learning from you some night. Come say hi.

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1 commentaire

EastSide Tony
EastSide Tony
16 févr. 2022

I like the "spot the spooks" part!

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